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Philosophical Drama

Submitted By:

Nikhil Minesh Gadgil

Director and Editor


Nikhil Minesh Gadgil

Cast & Crew:

Written and Directed by
Nikhil Gadgil
IG - @__nikkhil.__
Email -

Nikhil Gadgil
Atharva Gokhale
IG - @amgokhale_1219

Kedar Joshi
Atharva Gokhale

Music by
Sarthak Ahuja
IG - @sanguine_boii
Deeaanj Hinduja
IG - @deeaanj

Editing Team
Nikhil Gadgil
Pravin Badiger
IG- @artofpravin

Speacial Thanks to Krish Suvarna and Poorva Chavhan

Special Thanks to Our parents and Teachers

Special Thanks to
Shubham Chohan - President 2020-21 (Amity Film Club)
Srushti Pawar - Secretary 2020-21 (Amity Film Club)

Special Thanks to
Siddheshwar Devasthan Gulsunde."


"Its always been a thought in mind while facing crisis in your life , the thought might be whether to quit life or move ahead and face the situation.
We will rather request you to move ahead and face the life.
And why one should do this,
Is explained in this very interesting short film that will make you travel through all your memories of how strongly you faced a situation.
Or if you are in crisis why you should not quit.

Here is the emotional ride that you should experience.
Our Short Film आवाज !
Two people , a coincidence , a conversation and a story.

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