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Arya Singhal

Arya Singhal is a multifaceted professional excelling as both a Cinematographer and Creative Producer. With a prestigious Film Production Diploma from the Toronto Film School in Canada, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her craft.

Driven by a profound passion for the visual art of cinematography and the intricate process of production, Arya has embarked on a diverse array of projects, each undertaken with unwavering dedication and fervor.

Among her notable works stands the acclaimed web series "A Summer Story," helmed by director Shivam Jemini. In this project, Arya not only showcased her prowess behind the camera but also graced the screen as one of the main leads. Her involvement extended beyond cinematography as she assumed the pivotal role of Creative Producer for the series' third installment, and Daring Ones Films Mockumentary Series - "Documenting Love".

Arya's keen eye for detail, coupled with her exceptional organizational skills, strategic planning abilities, and adept management prowess, enables her to seamlessly navigate and excel in both professions simultaneously.

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Daring Ones Films

Daring Ones Films is an Independent Film Production Firm, started in 2015 as a YouTube Channel, and owned by Mr. Shivam JE’mini.

It is home to a collection of independent short films and web series' that has garnered over 12 million views over the years. You will also stumble upon a variety of video content such as vlogs, music videos, and tutorials that add a more unique and personal touch to the channel.

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