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Vipreet (Even Boys Face It)

Social Awareness

Submitted By:

Hemang Ganguli

Actor, Director, Director of Videography


Hemang Ganguli

Cast & Crew:

Hemang Ganguli, Hellie Mistry, Yashasvee Trivedi, Siddharta Das


"The crime ratio of women is certainly far more than men in our country. Women suffer more than men in India. Every time we look around in T.V., Newspaper or social media, we hear the cases of rape, molestation or blackmailing of women. While we are so immersed in feeling and fighting against the sufferings of women that we never peeped into what is the Vipreet (opposite). Here we tried to portray that part of reality which is often ignored and ridiculed, but prevails in our country.
Disclaimer: We did not try to belittle any gender. We respect all genders, but are against the crime that occurs against any."

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