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"From script to screen, master every aspect of the cinematic craft with our Complete Filmmaking Course"


"Discover Our Comprehensive Syllabus for the Complete Filmmaking Course"

  • Class 1: Introduction to Film-making

  • Class 2: The Seven Stages of Filmmaking

- Conceptualization and Idea Generation
- Pre-production Planning and Development
- Production and Principal Photography
- Post-production Editing and Visual Effects
- Distribution and Exhibition
- Marketing and Promotion

  • Class 3: Screenplay Writing & Practice

- Importance of Screenwriting in Filmmaking

- Fundamentals of Screenplay Structure

- Character Development and Arcs

- Dialogue Writing Techniques

- Practice Exercises and Script Analysis

  • Class 4: Important Elements of Screenwriting

- Themes and Genre

- Plot Development and Conflict

- Subtext and Symbolism

- Formatting and Presentation

  • Class 5: Film Crew

- Introduction to the Film Crew

- Different Departments and Their Roles

- Collaboration and Communication on Set

  • Class 6: The Hierarchy of Film Crew & Their Roles

- Director and Assistant Director

- Director of Photography (DP) and Camera Crew

- Production Designer and Art Department

- Sound Department

- Editing and Visual Effects Team

  • Class 7: Development Stage

- Generating Ideas for Films

- Pitching and Selling Your Concept

- Legal Considerations: Rights and Ownership Issues

- Acquiring Rights for Adaptations

  • Class 8: Pre-Production

- Assembling the Film Crew

- Storyboarding and Shot Planning

- Creating a Production Budget

- Casting and Location Scouting

- Production Design and Set Construction

- Creating Call Sheets and Shooting Schedules

  • Class 9: Production

- Directing Principles and Techniques

- Cinematography Basics and Camera Operation

- Lighting Fundamentals and Setups

- Principal Photography and Shot Composition

- Recording Audio on Set

- Mobile Filmmaking Techniques

  • Class 10: Post-Production

- Film Editing Process and Workflow

- Introduction to Editing Software (e.g., Adobe Premiere Pro)

- Visual Effects Basics and Compositing

- Music Selection and Composition

- Sound Mixing and Foley Effects

  • Class 11: Mobile Filmmaking

- Preparing for Mobile Shoots

- Utilizing Smartphone Cameras for Filmmaking

- Stabilization Techniques

- Recording High-Quality Audio on Mobile Devices

- Editing Videos on Mobile Platforms

  • Class 12: Documentary Filmmaking

- Different Types of Documentaries

- Choosing Subject Matter and Researching Topics

- Interview Techniques and Documentary Filming Approaches

- Lighting and Sound Considerations for Documentary Shoots

  • Class 13: Making a Music Video

- Conceptualizing Music Video Ideas

- Working with Musicians and Artists

- Creative Camera Use and Editing for Music Videos

- Marketing and Promoting Music Video Content

  • Class 14: Vlogging

- Content Creation Strategies for Vlogs

- Camera Techniques for Vlogging

- Editing and Publishing Vlog Content

- Building a Consistent Vlogging Schedule

  • Class 15: Making an Independent Film/Web Series

- Scriptwriting for Independent Projects

- Budgeting and Financing Your Film

- Casting and Crewing Up

- Pre-production Planning and Logistics

- Practical Assignments and Hands-on Filmmaking Exercises

  • Class 16: Conclusion

- Bringing Your Vision to Life: Making Your Own Film

- Showcasing Your Work and Building Your Portfolio

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