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Let your imagination soar as you delve into the world of video editing and visual effects.


"Discover Our Comprehensive Syllabus for the Video Editing & VFX Course"

  • Class 1: Introduction to Video Editing

- Understanding the Role of Video Editing in Filmmaking

- Overview of Video Editing Software
(e.g., Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro)

- Basic Editing Techniques: Cutting, Trimming, and Arranging Clips

- Introduction to the Editing Workspace

  • Class 2: Advanced Editing Techniques

- Working with Transitions and Effects

- Keyframing for Motion Graphics

- Color Correction and Color Grading Basics

- Audio Editing and Mixing Techniques

  • Class 3: Visual Effects Fundamentals

- Introduction to Visual Effects (VFX) in Filmmaking

- Understanding VFX Software (e.g., Adobe After Effects)

- Green Screen Compositing and Chroma Keying

- Creating Basic Visual Effects: Motion Tracking, Rotoscoping, and Masking

vfx 5.png
  • Class 4: Advanced Visual Effects

- Advanced Motion Graphics Techniques

- Particle Effects and Simulation

- Integrating 3D Elements into Live Action Footage

  • Class 5: Editing for Different Genres

- Editing Techniques for Narrative Films

- Documentary Editing Strategies

- Editing Music Videos and Promotional Content

- Exploring Editing Styles and Approaches

  • Class 6: Specialized Editing Workflows

- Multi-Camera Editing Techniques

- Collaborative Editing with Team Projects

- Editing for Social Media Platforms (e.g., Instagram, YouTube)

- Optimizing Editing Workflows for Efficiency

  • Class 7: Advanced Color Grading

- Understanding Color Theory and Color Correction

- Creative Color Grading Techniques

- Using LUTs (Look-Up Tables) for Color Grading

- Matching Colors Across Multiple Clips

vfx 3.png
vfx 2.png
  • Class 8: Visual Effects Integration

- Incorporating VFX into Edited Sequences

- Seamless Transition between VFX and Live Action Footage

- Visual Effects for Titles and Graphics

- Enhancing Visual Storytelling with VFX

  • Class 9: Audio Enhancement and Mixing

- Cleaning Up Audio Tracks

- Adding Sound Effects and Foley

- Mixing Dialogue, Music, and Sound Effects

- Creating Atmosphere and Ambience with Sound

  • Class 10: Project-Based Learning

- Hands-on Editing and VFX Projects

- Applying Techniques Learned in Previous Modules

- Feedback and Critique Sessions

- Portfolio Development and Reel Creation

  • Class 11: Industry Insights and Career Development

- Understanding Career Paths in Video Editing and VFX

- Building a Professional Editing Portfolio

- Networking and Finding Opportunities in the Industry

- Industry Standards and Best Practices

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